Hydro Disc Membrane


In the Disc membranes based Reverse osmosis and Nanofiltration, HYDRO is the most advanced technology available today. HYDRO is made based on years of research and understanding of the effluent behaviour and suited perfectly to overcome the challenges faced in wastewater recycling.

HYDRO Module can handle a wide range of chemical, biological, suspended, and dissolved impurities from the feed water and produce high-quality product water with consistent performance. By offering a superior fluid-dynamic with unrestricted open channel flow and specialized membrane chemistry, HYDRO can deliver consistent performance on challenging feed conditions.


The HYDRO Module is provided with NONAGON Membrane cushions and HYDRGON Disc. Membrane cushions are placed between two HYDROGON disc. A module consists of many membrane cushions and disc packed in annular pattern to provide more filtration area per module. The stack of NONAGON membrane cushions and HYDROGON disc is inserted in tie rod and end flanges is provided both sides for distribution and collection of the feed. The entire stack is fitted into a pressure vessel and the tie rod is positioned with central axis so that it can assembled and de assembled very easily.

hydro module flow pattern

Hydro Module Features

  • Turbidity & suspended solid (SDI) tolerant

  • Advanced Low- fouling Membrane chemistry

  • Superior open channel fluid dynamics

  • Less fouling and scaling

  • Handles a variety of chemicals, COD, and biological (BOD) impurities

  • High turbulence, anti-clog design

  • Low pressure to super high-pressure module

  • Suitable for replacement with similar disc membrane units

Nonagon Membrane Cushion

Applying the most advanced membrane chemistry of low fouling and near neutrally charged membranes sheets with a high-velocity design, NONAGON membrane cushions are known for their high performances, consistent flux, superior cleaning behaviour and long life. The NONAGON membrane cushions are made of low fouling composite material with advanced ultrasonic welding technology.

Hydrogon Disc

Our various years of research and on-site studies resulted in the design of the most suitable Hydraulic disc. HYDROGON disc provides the highest flow form with adequate Reynold number to achieve a fast surface flow rate and the necessary turbulence effect required to control the deposition and membrane fouling and scaling. The special design of the HYDRGON disc ensures open feed flow channel with short feed flow path and provides cleaning effect in the membrane surface with a minimum concentration polarisation.

Hydro Module

Hydro module is consisting of NONAGON membrane cushions, HYDROGON disc, centre rod, pressure vessels, flanges, seals and O ring with necessary feed, product and reject connections. HYDRO modules are offered with various sizes and pressure rating to suit the requirements. We have provided the liberty to our customers to choose from a variety of configurations from low solid to high solid, low pressure to high pressure and small unit to larger systems. We have specialised configurations based on applications, corrosiveness, pressure rating and retrofitting needs.

hydro module

( Hydro Module )

Hydro Applications

  • Pharmaceuticals effluent recycling

  • Municipal Leachate Treatment

  • Textile effluent recycling

  • Chemical & Fertiliser effluent

  • Tannery effluent

  • Distillery effluent treatment

  • Food & Beverages effluent

  • Sewage recycling

  • Desalination & Brackish water treatment

  • Steel Industrial effluent

  • Pulp & Paper effluent

  • Paint & Pigment effluent

  • Oil & Gas effluent

  • Iron & steel industrial effluents

  • Concentration of liquid and recovery

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