SPARO membrane
CorFlo Tubular Membrane


SPARO is a spiral wound membrane with a unique engineered spacer technology designed for overcoming the fouling & scaling problems typically found in the spiral wound membranes. Most water treatment applications, especially wastewater recycling, typical spiral wound membranes are not able to cop up with COD, BOD and Suspended matter. Vast pre-treatment is required in most cases.


We have perfected the chemistry of membranes and engineering of the spacer. Feed spacer determines the flow pattern, fluid dynamics and turbulence distribution in the membrane module. Our spacer technology with higher thickness and proprietary geometrical design will enhance the performance of the spiral membrane design with superior fluid dynamics.


Applying the open channel feed spacer technology, the feed flow directions changes and feedwater flows both sides of the spacer to facilitate turbulence and reducing stagnancy. Major features of the spacer technology are.

  • Will reduce concentration polarisation

  • Facilitate the turbulence effect

  • Enhance wall shear forces

  • Promote eddy mixing

  • Reduce wall concentration

  • Reduce fouling and scaling

  • Minimising the contact with membrane sheets

The membranes are made of advanced membrane chemistry. Membranes are manufactured with a symmetrical proposition, pure polyamide link between two buildings compound which gives unique stability and chemical durability. Also, it contains exclusive polyamide chemistry in the polymer web which strengthens the structure. The physical property of the membrane’s surface is permanently modified to provide a hydrophilic character in the surface along with near-neutral charges. The membranes are with following features…

  • Hydrophilic membranes

  • Near neutrally charged

  • Low affinity to the organic matter

  • Minimize the adsorption of organic foulants

  • Less flux degradation

Perfection in the Membrane chemistry and Feed spacers provided with many features and advantages:

  • The geometrical shape ensures a shorter feed path & uniform distribution.

  • Open channel formation with higher thickness ensures less fouling and deposits on the membranes.

  • Membranes are designed to maintain less pressure drop.

  • Advanced membrane chemistry will provide Uniform performance, constant flux & high operational stability.

  • The overall design will ensure reduced downtime, less power consumption, Less cleaning cost & increased membrane life.

SPARO membranes are widely used in effluent and wastewater treatment applications where suspended, and the turbid matter is moderately present. In many cases, costly pre-treatment such as ultrafiltration can be avoided as the membranes can perform with a higher SDI limit and are tolerant to turbidity to a greater extent.

SPARO membranes can be accommodated in a typical spiral wound membrane plant due to their dimensions advantages. Often no modification or little modifications are required. Hence, it is an ideal replacement for the existing system.

smart membrane


Membrane Type

Thin film composite- Low fouling

Type Spiral wound with Fiber glass wrap
Construction Engineered Feed spacer technology
Typical Salt rejection (Test condition) > 98.0 %*
Single element recovery (Approx.) 15%
Typical operating pressure 7- 11 Bar (100 – 450 psi)
Max. Operating pressure 41 Bar (600 psi)
Feed water pH range 2 – 11
Max. Operating temperature 45 Deg. C
Maximum Feed flow 18 M3/hr.
Max. Chlorine tolerance < 0.1 ppm
Max Pressure drop 1.1 Bar (16 psi)

*Under standard test conditions

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